Saturday, March 14, 2009

Family BBQ Get-Together Session~

Everyone knows the fact that i such a Reality TV Series freak.. I have to admit that i really am.. From today onwards i'll be updating news about some of them.. After the Mystarz LG final month ago, am actually into American Idol, One in a Million (OIAM) and of course the Akademi Fantasia (AF)..

Am not going to update about all of them.. I might only write about the OIAM-3and AF-7 only.. Ehehehe.. OIAM-3 is now on its week 4 already.. Last night was the Top-9 Week and Pija was eliminated earlier on that match..

Nothing really impressed me.. Am expecting more from this season OIAM actually.. Frankly speaking, i dont like Fify.. She's so not my types.. Hahahaha.. :P

Everyweek, am only looking forward for Amylea, Rizu, Esther and Tomok performances only.. They are my so-called favourite for the season show.. Every each of them has been choosen as the immunity recepient except for Rizu.. Ehehe.. This week immunity recipient was Tomok.. He is different now.. More matured.. More man-ly..

On the other hand, this is the very first week of AF-7, 14 contestants altogether.. I watched all the diaries so far.. They've been few major changes in the programme.. The new principal Tiara, the new dancing instructor Aris, the new acting instructor Ida.. It brings some sort of freshness to the AF..

I might want to see more of Obri, Qhaud, Claudia, Obri, Zizi, Yazid, Isma, Adilla or even Rubisa.. I dont like Rini.. I might not like her for the whole season.. Seriously!!

I will give the other chances to grab my attention but not to that one tudong lady by the name of Rini.. Its not that i dont like her because of her tudong appearance, but its more than that.. I cant put it into words.. I bet i dont need reason to dont like her.. Dont u think so?

I cant wait to watch the 1st concert of AF-7 later tonight.. Tonight there will be a football match between my favourite, Liverpool FC and Manchester United.. Its going to be an interesting match to be watched..

Tonight i'll be going out to my cousin's family BBQ get-together session.. Guess what, we'll be watching both the AF-7 concert and the footie match at the same time.. It would be fun!! The women with the AF-7, the men with the footie match.. But i will definitely watch both..

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my name is KARL said...

hye dude

OIAM3 - i go for Tomok & Fify.. i knew dat u dislike Fify rite?? haha

AF7 - my favs are Aril, Akim, Isma, Aishah, Rubisa... d rest dey still need to work hard... Obri? he's ok... he really need to prove his potential & talent in dis coming concert..

dats my 2 cents of thoughts