Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Does the word exist? Hahaha.. As i care.. Well, at the moment am at my office.. Its a very tough busy job.. I almost cant handle it.. Nahhh..

This is going to be a very short updates.. Ehe.. At the moment am not feeling very well.. Been more than 2 weeks already.. Even during my 'Shell' presentation, i was sick.. Am not expecting too much but i do hope that i'll be offered the job..

Right after the whole 'Shell' experience, i immediately reporting for duty with The Brunei Times.. Here i am, blog-working.. Am loving it.. I kinda love my job.. In fact, it didn't challenge my accounting knowledge at all.. How good can it be? I could ask nothing more.. :P

Well, as per the AF7, this week they'll be singing a medley of two songs for every one of them.. Its something very new to the AF.. Introduction of new element(s)..

Owh yeah, last Sunday i went out with my A+ best friends for a BBQ-picnic session at the Muara Beach.. It was fun.. It was a fine great day.. It would have been better if only my health condition could allows me to join them 'swim and play' with the wave..

I booked the place, then i had to leave them for awhile coz now am back to my teaching profession.. I had a few students as of now.. Am teaching Economics.. Ehehehe.. :)

What else? Owh i was called for few job interviews next week.. But i plan to come to one of the interview only, that is the TAP.. Am happy with my current job, so wont come to the other interviews.. Lets give other people the chance to get employed..

I knew it, no matter how good u'r, being jobless is always not easy.. Ur two years of saving can easily ran out in just 3 months time.. Sad, but its true.. At least, that is what happened to me..

Do not be too choosy.. But dont be too desperate either.. It will only waste your time.. I believe you dont want that to happen.. Trust me, u'll ended up regret for accepting such offer..

Somehow, dont be surprised if once u got a job.. Then more job offers would come to you.. So make a wise decision.. It better to wait rather to act desperate..

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