Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Congrates to Brunei DPMM FC~

Last night, i intended to watch the S-League footie match between Brunei DPMM FC and Sengkang Punggol but due to an unavoidable situation.. My schedule was pretty much occupied.. Almost occupied most of the time.. Ehehehe.. Kalah menteri sja bunyinya yo!!

Went home around half past 7pm and sure thing i couldn't make it for the footie match.. Talked about the match earlier that afternoon with 'Amirah but yeah, there i was.. I'm the one who couldn't make it.. All in all, I'd have to wait for the updates from a good friend of mine..

The final score of the match was 1-0 in favour of Brunei DPMM FC.. Am glad!! Being unbeaten, over the 6 matches, Brunei DPMM FC now able to climb on to the top of the S-League..

Our very own Brunei DPMM FC's striker,
Shahrazen Hj Md Said, the goal scorer..

Work hard is the key to SUCCESS!!

Visited Rano's blog and he did mention that the number of spectators are increasing in number now.. I quote: "The match attendance was 9,100 which is an increase from the 6,500 spectators in the last game."

Yeah i do hope that the match attendance will keep on increasing.. Hope its going to double in the next game.. Ehehehe.. Lets hope and pray that our football scene will be just like or even better than it used to be.. Ole Ole Brunei~

So much thanks for the pics.. It wasnt my own pics..

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