Saturday, March 14, 2009

Updates Notification..

I know, i've been neglecting you for more than 2 weeks now.. Frankly speaking, am very busy.. So many things happened this lately.. Future-related things.. But none has something to do with love.. As a matter of fact, am still single.. But point to be noted here is that, am not looking forward to have a partner as of now..

Am thinking of concentrating on whatever things that am doing at the moment.. I need to make sure that am above the par.. Ehehehe..

Will let everyone knows what actually happened over the last 2 weeks.. I hope u'll stay with me.. Oh btw, April is just around the corner.. Its the month to show me your love.. I didnt expect much actually, but cant deny the fact that am still hoping.. Ehehehe.. *hinting*

I've been wanting to revamp my blog.. Both content-wise and design-wise.. Should i? No matter what your answer is, thats my final decision.. I might start with some minor changes first.. Ehe..

Loving everyone so much..

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