Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Long Road Trip..

Its almost 5 in the morning and i haven't sleep as yet.. Its not that i cant sleep but i am still up for another footie match.. Its not a match of Liverpool but its Manchester United.. Just wanted to see whether they're really good.. They've done well in EPL but who knows not for other championship.. Hahaha.. :P

Wont give you the updates of the match.. Will let u know once the game ends.. Ooh, just to update everyone that this morning I'll go for another long road trip.. This time, am going to Temburong with Qmah to do the project.. Its a very last minute thing.. The date to submit the project report will be very soon, either February 26th or 28th..

Invited Schiz, but she cant join us later.. She hasn't completed her project too.. She intended to ask for my company, but knowing that am going with Qmah then she might go all by herself.. Sorry babe.. You should have let me know earlier.. Drive safe later babe..

Owh, the final score for the UEFA Champions League match between Inter Milan and Manchester United, ended with a nil-nil.. On the other hand, another England team, Arsenal won one goal advantage to AS Roma.. The goal was scored by the good-looking, Robin Van Persie.. :)

Liverpool match against Real Madrid will be on the 26th February, 3ish am.. All the best for my team..

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