Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quickie Updates~

I just got back from Temburong.. The whole trip was okay.. Had a late breakfast at Limbang then once we're done with the project, then we headed to Retaie and visited Moncel.. We spent hours in the kitchen to prepare the food and had our late lunch there..

Left Temburong almost 3 pm and then we managed to do some browsing in Limbang.. Bought cartons of ciggies and all.. Hahahaha.. We smuggle 4 cartons of ciggies.. Not bad, as compared to human trafficking that we've done once not long time ago.. Wild and naughty!!

Later around 6ish, Nazri is going to pick me.. Its the payday.. Lets make Nazri broke.. Hahaha.. Later there will be Nazri, Schiz, Hanna and me.. I can promised u more pictures.. :P

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