Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Better than Nothing..


I know its been so long that i didnt update this sweet bloggie of mine.. I was so very busy with things.. Never thought that, it takes me months to update my own bloggie.. Shhhh..

Many things happened since the last time i updated this blog.. Jumped from one job to the other and am glad that the new job suits me very well.. Really hope that this wont turns me into an old guy..

Many people asked me, for the reason why i quit to work with the BSP for the new job.. Hmmm.. I cant really answer that simple question.. May be.. Just May be, i myself wasnt sure of the reason(s) my self..

I still remember, got the offer few days before this year's Ramadhan ended.. I know that i really wanted to take the new job.. But, back then before i accept the offer, i did ask my best friends on their opinion whether to leave BSP or not.. The responses that i've received from them were 50-50.. Some discouraged me and the other some told me that i should give the new job a try.. Was really confused that time.. And i hate being confused..

It took me nights to come with my conclusion, to give up BSP for the new job.. Then mid October 2009, i made up my mind to attend the medical check-up and later accepted the offer.. This is a big decision that i've had to make..

Financial-wise, i must say that i can only get what i've earned from BSP, after years of working.. BSP offers was way better.. But, career-wise i think am making the right decision.. The new job offers more perks.. Chewah~

Whatsoever it is am up to the challenges.. Bring it on!!

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u noe me.. hehe said...

datz wat u wan.. wat ur interestd in.. myself i'll b very satisfied as long as im interested in it.. ada duit pn klu na snang ati pyh jua.. but we will be trapped klu buat sumting we r not interestd in yg bnyk duit n we stat to hv expensive commtmn.. den kn turn bck to our interest it will b hard.. 8 least u r not in dat situatn.. u cn still turn around freely..