Friday, August 21, 2009

Nuryn's Car Crashed..

Hey ya, its been so long that i didnt update this lil bloggie of mine.. thing for sure, am missing all these.. owh, tomorrow will definitely the first day of Ramadhan for us here in Brunei.. am kinda glad that the moon wasnt cited yesterday, as my housemates and i were organizing a warmhouse BBQ party.. It was a huge success, for a newbies and last minute planned event.. ehehehe..

Earlier this week, Nurin got herself involved in an accident at the Lumut U-turn Highway.. it happened so early in the morning, on her way down to our workplace.. it was a self-accident actually.. the car was crashed.. it could have been worst, luckily Nurin was wearing the safety-belt.. yeah it safe life.. hahahaha..

There were the three of us (the housemates) to support her.. we went to the police station and then out for a short breakfast at KK.Koya.. I was given a day off that day, to accompany Nuryn at home..


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