Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My 1st Article for The Brunei Times..

Hey my dear blog-readers.. Urm, am so not active in producing any good materials this lately.. Truly speaking, my life is getting very challenging.. So i really need to prioritize things in life..

I wasn't supposed to work in the weekend.. But last week, i was assigned to this one event.. Assigned to represent The Brunei Times, to cover the event..

Initially, i was quite reluctant to agree but knowing that the event that i need to cover is the 'Concerts @ The Playground" at Jerudong Park Mini-Amphitheatre, i immediately accepted the assignment..

Am a big fan of ZulF.. I just couldn't afford to miss this opportunity to go and see him.. Well, its not the first time tho.. Hahaha.. Below is my drafted version of the article..

Bandar Seri Begawan,
Written By: Faisal Haji Salleh
Pictures By: Faisal Haji Salleh

In line with the rebranding of The Jerudong Park Playground as a family oriented theme park, The Jerudong Park Country Club organised a ‘School Holiday Family Entertainment’ entitled ‘Concerts @ The Playground’.

About 100 people attended the concert which was held at The Jerudong Park Mini-Amphitheatre, in conjunction with the first term school holidays. With the objective to strengthen the family bonds and friendship, the concert at the same time give opportunity for local artistes to expose themselves to the general public.

The concert began with the performance by our local band, Atmosphere Band. Their performance was interesting and the showmanship was immense.

ZulF then entered the stage to loud cheers and started with a melodious medley of his popular love songs from Chantik, Dari Mata and Kau Adalah Cinta. He also sang Terima Kasih Cinta, a song originally sang by the Indonesian singer, Afgan. ZulF has a great stage presence and charisma in his singing.

This followed by the appearance of the beautiful singer, Maria. She sang two songs, Waktu and Jangan Ada Segi Tiga. Her performance was effortlessly superb.

RTB Most Popular Singers, ZulF and Maria singing "Hanya Memuji".

The main highlight of the concert was the outstanding duet performance by both ZulF and Maria, singing a famous local hits entitled ’24 Hours’.

The concert lasted for almost 2 hours. Present to watch the concert was the General Manager of The Jerudong Park and Country Club, Russell Finney.

Thanks for the great show!!

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